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Lightyears away from home, two sisters’ fractured relationship is tested when one of them is infected with an alien parasite.

Aidan and Eva Meng are officers aboard the starship Venture, on a mission to chart unknown space. But off the books, both sisters, who are on strained terms with each other, want to find an alien intelligence before the other does. When Aidan disobeys a direct order to explore an tunnel underground on the planet Gamma XA-113, she blacks out and wakes up in sickbay. Something is very wrong, but no one will tell Aidan the truth. Meanwhile, Eva is left with a hard choice: disobey the captain’s orders and help her sister, or keep her career and watch her sister die.

Will Aidan find out what everyone’s hiding from her?

Will Eva choose her career or her sister?

But most importantly … will Aidan and Eva both make it out of this alive?