Epic Sci-Fi Noveling Music

Bring on the epic sci-fi music! No, seriously, if you need some pumping up---listen to these. Or if you're like me and you're writing science fiction, this is your stop. My full playlist has a few more tracks, but these three below are the best so far. For one, they all start with a cool … Continue reading Epic Sci-Fi Noveling Music


Sci-Fi Dystopia Music Playlist

Sci-fi dystopia music, here we go! Dystopian stories are really popular nowadays, and in my novel I'm writing for NaNoWriMo, I have a few dystopia-style worlds. This is a tribute to the many alleys that seem to randomly appear in my story. (Is that a good thing?) My full playlist is much, much longer than … Continue reading Sci-Fi Dystopia Music Playlist

Sci-Fi Lab Ambience

Sci-Fi Lab Ambience by The Music Forge.  This is great for those medical/lab scenes, whether it be an evil lair, secret cloning lab, or any lab you're writing about. The background ambience has a faint bubbling and sloshing sound effect as well as machinery beeping. Hyperion - Laboratory (Starcraft II Background Ambience) 1:00:00