My BuJo System (+ bullet journal review)

The story behind this one is that I messed up on a weekly spread and it looked horrible. I wanted to cover it up, so I just pasted in some pieces of yellow paper and topped it off with washi tape. You can’t even tell now!

Hey guys, I thought I’d share with you a new hobby that I just started: bullet journaling! Bullet journaling is pretty popular nowadays and has a huge Instagram following. I was interested in it last year but didn’t start till this year, mainly because I didn’t have the right notebook.

Recently, while shopping at Michael’s with this girl, I stumbled across the Artist Loft artist’s level dot journal. I love the thick, smooth pages and the affordable price (about $10 USD)! It also has a couple nice add ons.

sturdy pocket in the back!
three printed pages for the table of contents, plus two ribbon bookmarks
a couple pages in the back for trying out pens and stuff
a symbol key

I don’t use the symbol page much. To be honest, I slapped some random symbols onto this page just because I was too excited to try it out. So, I don’t really use these symbols much. Besides, it’s too confusing for me to remember.

my first weekly spread


pens, etc.
◦  silver Sharpie
◦ berry Crayola supertips marker
◦ 1.0 black pigma micron pen
◦ Tombow blending brush
◦ pencil

other supplies

◦ stencils
◦ scrapbook paper/cards
◦ watercolor palette (or just a laminated card to blend colors)

This is my first weekly spread, which I started the day before the first day of school. I spent a couple hours on it, which is way too much, but I had fun! This is probably the most work I’d ever put into a spread.

This is the assignment page from the same week, where I was still experimenting with how I wanted to set up the weekly spread. As you can see, it’s kind of a mess … but that’s why I love it! A bullet journal doesn’t always have to be pretty and perfect. It should be practical and work for you.

For bullet journalling, find a good pen that you’ll use for everything! I love the classic Pilot G-2 because it’s smooth and dark. It does smear a little, but generally it’s pretty good. : )

I made this one during the last few days of summer. It’s my school calendar and bell/bus schedule so I have everything in one place. I used a ton of fine point pigma micron pens, as well as those handy Crayola supertips. It’s not perfect (I forgot that May takes up six lines for the days) but it works for me!

This is the first month cover page I made. I probably won’t do it again since I don’t find it useful, but I liked making it. The long paragraph on the right page is a blessing that my dad speaks over my sister and me every night. It’s based off the Aaronic blessing from Numbers, with other passages of Scripture as well. It means a lot to me since my dad’s been saying it since I was a baby!

Back to the bullet journal. I found that habit trackers don’t work very well for me, but I keep forgetting to water my two cacti, so I’m hoping that will help me. Also, I haven’t been reading enough so I made a to-read (or re-read) list.

Week 2 – the materials list has gotten much smaller, which I’m happy about: Pilot G-2, Crayola supertips marker, washi tape, ruler

I messed up A TON on this one, but it ended up looking all right. I tried a new layout here, which then became the basis for future weekly spreads. I had empty space so I did some random doodles.

Another weekly school assignments page. I’m gonna try a vertical version next week.
As you can see, this is similar to Week 2’s spread, but a little more streamlined and decorative. The cacti and plants were a last minute addition!
This is the spread I’m using this week. I used my new Mildliner grey highlighter for the borders instead of black pen. I have to say that Mildliner highlighters are accurately hyped. : ) Just make sure you get the colors that YOU want.

So, that’s my bujo system! Thanks for sticking around! I’m loving this setup and it’s been very helpful. Stay inspired!

6 thoughts on “My BuJo System (+ bullet journal review)”

  1. Love this! This is my first year bullet journaling! You have some great ideas here! Check out my most recent post where I did a (very early) flip-through of some of my favorite 2019 pages!

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  2. Fun, creative stuff, Emily. The writer and the artist blend.

    On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 9:18 PM In the Silence Between wrote:

    > Emily Faith posted: ” The story behind this one is that I messed up on a > weekly spread and it looked horrible. I wanted to cover it up, so I just > pasted in some pieces of yellow paper and topped it off with washi tape. > You can’t even tell now! Hey guys, I thought I’d share” >

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