The Cave

Darkness claimed me once, but God broke the chains. “She is mine,” my God says. He sent his Son to bear my shame, my guilt, my brokenness, and He has set me free. I am free.

I was blind, but now I see. I see that He is good. That He loves me unconditionally. That He sees me by the perfection of his Son, not my own merit.

For how I know that my own works will lead me only deeper into the cave.

I have gone astray
In this cave so long
Thought I knew the way
But I’m very wrong

Hello? Hello?
Emptiness replies
Echo echo echo
Void greets my cries

I could retrace my track
And let it guide me home
But I don’t want back
I’d rather revolt and roam

I want to explore
My soul you’ll never mislead
Things of old and things of lore
Perhaps can slake my need

Despite how far I go on
I find no bit of pleasure
Dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn
I find no promised treasure

Behind me the trail back burns
I see it from where I stand
If I want to return
I need only stretch out a hand

The path is close by
I can see it traced into the dirt
But why should I try
To drown in boundless hurt?

Dropping farther down below
Nothing new meets my eyes
Maybe farther I should go
Maybe there’ll be a surprise

I find nothing wherever I turn
Nothing but empty gulfs that yawn
And yet I never learn
Still I hope for jewels beyond

Spelunking in unknown danger
Leads only to death
To rescue I’ve made myself a stranger
Rebelling with final breath

The darkness gapes before me
Abyss growling beneath
Beckoning me urgently
Catching me in its teeth

The light is lost far behind
Forgotten is the angels’ song
Once their melody was my guide
An anthem sweet and strong

A lovely voice stirs the cave
Sharper clearer familiarly dear
My memories come no longer vague
I know this song that greets my ear

Father, please, cleanse this dirt away
I’m lost and filthy, so alone
Keep haunting demons at bay
Melt my heart, my heart of stone

Lift me high, beyond this strife
Erase my sins and bury the past
Leave all that for a restart at life
Come bring me home at last

Your breath of life stirs me Lord
Rousing in me Your Spirit to thrive
Take me Father, heaven-ward
Show me what it means to be alive

Blinking squinting in the light
Under gracious, unearned favor
Warmed by glory oh so bright
I am Yours, my dear Savior


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