Again, this is a piece of getting-into-character poetry. This is written from the thoughts of Cezaria, the sister of the antagonist who was kidnapped into slavery many years before the start of the story.

A million scratches
Light red pencil
Marble veins of gold
Criscrossing over the plane of concrete reality

Pain to bring life
To release pent-up struggles
Spanning precious hours

Precious years

Pain to show life
A pulse
To see the bright of life
The essence of living
The universe contained within

The one way to exit the atmosphere is to let the atmosphere exit me—
If I am to reach the stars

If you stop to breathe, even once, the spell of the moment will shatter.
If you dare to pause, years will disappear, lost
Spiraling into dark infinite horizons.

I spent this long forgetting—

How much longer to remember?

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