The Adventures of Zad Riker: Geordi’s Log (pt. 2.5)

Sometime after Star Trek: Nemesis, Data and  Zad Riker, son of the Rikers, search for the antidote to a disease infecting the crew of the Enterprise. (Written by emzelf.)

Lieutenant Commander’s Log, Stardate 64129.3.

Well, there’s not much we can do here, the entire crew of the Enterprise is [coughing] sick. We’ve been visited by Q so I’m uh, guessing this is one of his . . . tricks.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I just don’t feel good. I don’t know h-how many times I’ve thrown up over the last hour, and I have a pretty bad headache . . . fever . . . doctor’s sick too. I tried to reach Captain Riker but there’s no response.

Also, my ocular implants are causing me trouble [inaudible] they haven’t before uh, but it has to be now of all times that they’re blurry and spotty.

I’ve checked the ship and ran a few diagnostics . . . no more dilithium crystals. Unless Q d-did something, I don’t get how they could’ve [coughing] just disappeared [inaudible] don’t know what, but the Enterprise isn’t going anywhere anytime soon . . . subspace communication is pretty much shot out to nothing. I’ll try and restore it, but it’ll take me a few hours at least.

I still have that shuttlecraft to work on. I [laughs weakly] told Will I’d get it up and running soon, so better work on it now. It’s one of those Hawkeye-express DN5387 class shuttlecraft. Called the Pythagoras. It has a mini warp core so maybe Data can go somewhere [sighs] don’t ask me.

Well, uh, Q makes things interesting. Adventure won’t leave us alone, I guess . . . I need a nap. Just a little one . . .

I’m gonna throw up [inaudible]

—part four coming Wednesday—

Author’s note (emzelf): This one I wrote, since my sister didn’t have time to write this. It’s a little bit of set up for part four. I had a lot of fun writing this audio transcript since I’ve never done something like this before! It was a challenge trying to stay true to Geordi’s voice and character (my sister helped a lot with that). I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you liked reading it!

my sister says: Nice work, emzelf! Reading that, I’m getting flashbacks of the time we got really sick before Thanksgiving, last November.  It was awful. I mean, I felt like I was gonna puke, but I couldn’t so it was pretty awful.

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