Characters: The Adventures of Zad Riker

Here’s a description page of all the characters in an upcoming Star Trek: TNG fanfiction guest written by my sister. 

Summary of The Adventures of Zad Riker: Sometime after Star Trek: Nemesis, Data and Zad Riker, son of the Rikers, search for the antidote to a disease infecting the crew of the Enterprise. 

Imzad (Zad) Riker
Age: 14
Height: 5’4”
Species: 1/4 Betazoid, 3/4 Human
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Style of dress: Red Starfleet uniform.
Personality: Optimistic and spunky. Talks too much and secretly loves cuddles.
Hobbies: Plays guitar for fun. Likes the holodeck to explore scenery. Enjoys trying different kinds of foods.
Status: Student
Additional Notes: Tried to learn violin but gave up.

Gwendolyn Martinique
Age: 13
Height: 5’3″
Species: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Style of dress: Olive green tunic and boots.
Personality: Quiet, but playful. Can take care of herself. Polite, respectful, and respectable.
Hobbies: Hunting. Researching the unknown. Flying ships. Scientific sketching.
Status: Student (hoping to get into Starfleet Academy when she turns 15).
Additional Notes: She is the daughter of the governor of the planet Xorten Omega.

Natasha (Tasha) Riker
Age: 13
Height: 5’1″
Species: 1/4 Betazoid, 3/4 human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Gold
Style of dress: Jeans and T-shirt.
Personality: A wiry happy, mischievous little kid. Mischievous and hyper. But overall, a good kid.
Hobbies: Plays any instrument she can get her hands on.
Status: Student
Additional Notes: Named after the late Lieutenant Natasha Yar.

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